Lancome Absolue Cleansing Oil -In-Gel

Lancome Absolue Cleansing Oil -In-Gel

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A hydrating facial cleanser that gently purifies the skin, effortlessly removing impurities as well as long lasting and waterproof makeup. The nurturing, oil-in-gel formula protects the moisture barrier and leaves skin feeling smoother, softer and more energized. Overall appearance appearance is improved with visibly more radiant skin and a refined skin texture

Made with a precious blend of cleansing oils and Grand Rose Extracts, this nurturing gel facial cleanser moisturizes skin as it gently removes impurities, sweat and excess sebum. Its rich gel texture transforms into a silky oil that helps to effortlessly remove stubborn mascara, face and lip makeup, leaving skin feeling comforted and perfectly clean. Immediately, skin appears clear and radiant, feeling velvety soft to the touch. Day after day, skin feels plumper and healthier, looking more even with visibly tighter pores and a brighter skin complexion.

Use daily, in the morning as a facial cleanser and at night as a cleansing makeup remover.
• Apply a generous amount of the formula onto dry skin, spreading it on the entire face, but avoiding the eye area.
• Using dry fingers, gently massage the formula on skin in circular motions until it melts into an oil.
• Add water and massage again to create a luxurious, milky fluid.
• Rinse off the cleanser to unveil divinely cleansed skin, rinsing from the center to the exterior of the face.
Nurtured, skin feels purer and comfortable after cleansing: less tight, no shine, no oily or sticky feeling.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Tested under dermatological control.