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Q. Whom do I speak with about warranty information? 
A. Contact us or phone 03 211 0199 with any questions. We would love to help you.

Q. What if I need to return something I purchased?
A. We will repair, replace or refund faulty products in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act. Contact us or phone 03 211 0199 with any questions.

H&J Smith Charge Card Account

Q. Can I still use my H&J’s Charge card? 
For more information about H&J Smith Charge Card Customer accounts, please click here. 

Q. Can I still use my H&J’s Card at Mitre 10?  
A. Yes, you will still be able to use your H&J Smith Charge Card at Mitre 10 Invercargill and Queenstown until 28th February 2024. 

Q. When do I have to pay for my H&J’s Charge card? 
There will be no change to your current terms and conditions for payment and payments can be made after the store closes and well into 2024.

Q. Can I open a new H&J’s Charge Account? 
A. Sorry, effective immediately we no longer will be opening new H&J Smith Charge Card Accounts. 

Q. After the Store closes how can I pay for my H&J’s Account? 
A. You will be able to pay for your account using Internet banking. If this facility is not available to you we will have an alternative arrangement for you. 

Gift Cards

Q. What happens if I have an H&J Smith Gift Card after 18 November 2023? 
A. You will still be able to use your H&J’s Gift Card in our Mitre 10 Invercargill Store until 28th February 2024. If you find a Gift Card after that date, there will be a contact number to ring to verify the balance on the card and we will offer an alternative solution. 

Q. How can I find the balance of my Gift Card if the Webstore is closed? 
A. Access to the Webstore for Gift Card balance inquires will still be available and you can ring and ask for your Gift Card balance.