Bobux Soft Sole, Giraffe
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Bobux Soft Sole, Giraffe

STYLE - 3045291

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Little ones are naturally captivated by giraffes - and with their great-big-long necks and unique patterning it’s no wonder why. The Giraffe Soft Sole creates a fun image of the tallest creature around, with its characteristically long neck winding around the elasticated ankle and antlers peeking out through scruffy hair. Backdropped by premium leather in a navy colourway, the Giraffe Soft Sole is as outfit-versatile as it is adorable.

- The stage range for newborns, babies and early crawlers.
- Made from specially selected, soft, 100% premium leather with uniform grain and texture.
- Double-stitched innerseam to prevent rubbing.
- Elasticated collar, or hook and loop closure for easy, secure fit.
- Child-safe and non-toxic, all our materials and dyes are tested to EU REACH standards.
- Can be worn as an indoor shoe for older children.